Tattoo Price
Starting price (small) €80
Medium-sized €125 / €175
Large €250 / €350
Half day session 4-5H €450
Day session 7H €750

Price and Size:

We refer to it as the hand size, which serves as a kind of guideline for anyone getting a slightly larger tattoo to estimate the cost.

For this, we use the average hand size (approximately 20cm long and 10cm wide).

Extreme sizes or very small hands aside, here's how it works:

If the hand fits once into the desired tattoo, the price will roughly range from €250 to €300. If the tattoo is just slightly larger, you should expect around €350 to €400. If it's one and a half hand's size, the price will be approximately €450.

If the level of difficulty is higher, this will be reflected in the price, causing it to increase. Conversely, if the design is easier, the price will be adjusted downward. This means that one customer might pay, for example, €150 for a tattoo while another might pay €125 for a similar one, depending on the complexity.